Thursday, March 18, 2010

More 11th Hour Talk

Read it all here: Doctor Who will return to screens with a Hollywood blockbuster style inaugural episode for new Time Lord Matt Smith.Billed as Independence Day on the village green it sees the new Doctor crash the Tardis to earth.Details of the hotly-anticipated new episode came as Smith and his co-star Karen Gillan attended the launch party for the new series in Cardiff.The episode, entitled The Eleventh Hour, follows him and new companion Amy Pond played by Gillan, fight a new gruesome shape shifting monster dubbed Prisoner Zero with just 20 minutes to save the world.

Matt Smith Karen Gillan arrive at the screening of an episode of  the new Doctor Who series at Cineworld, Cardiff

It also introduces the Atraxi, the intergalactic police, who monitor the skies with an enormous spiralling eye. Executives have sexed up the show as Miss Pond appears in a racy policewoman's outfit complete with mini skirt. She reveals herself to be a kissogram.Miss Gillan, 22, already hinted at romance between the two characters, confessing they kiss later in the series. Speaking at the launch in Cardiff tonight, Smith said Gillan was the Doctor's 'sexiest companion yet'. He said: 'We have grown very fond of one another. Its something we work hard at. I hope the tone of our relationship comes across as playful.'

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