Friday, January 26, 2007

Watching Doctor Who online.

As a consumer I feel that cable TV is one of the biggest rip-off' that anyone anyone can purchase. Of course this is my opinion only, but when it comes to spending $55 (This doesn't include internet) for cable or $15 for Netflix it's a no brainier for me and my wife. The one thing I love about renting from Netflix is the fact when you rent a television series like... oh say, The Greatest American Hero you have NO commercials to interrupt your viewing pleasure. With this said, I found that you can now rent Doctor Who series. Not only can you rent them from Netflix they have a new service that you now can watch them online without waiting for them to show up in the mail. What ever amount you are pay for the regular service gets you 1 hour for every dollar you are spending for the service. 1 dollar = 1 hour of play time. So, not only do I get my 2 Doctor Who DVD's via mail I also get an extra bonus of 15 hours play time online. It's like have 7 extra rentals for one month. As of right now there are only 20 title of the good Doctor to watch online but its a start.

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