Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Master X 2

Derek Jacobi and John Simm speak exclusively in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine about breathing new life into the Doctor's old nemesis...
"I've tried to explain to my son that his dad is going to be, like, the epitome of evil," John Simm laughs, "but if I say, 'I have a fight with Doctor Who (sic),' and ask him who he wants to win, he'll say Doctor Who! It's one of those opportunities, though, to impress your son in a massive way, and that was just too good to turn down.
"Julie Gardner was trying to find something for me to do in it, and I kept saying, 'Look, I'm not being painted blue!' And then Julie and Russell T Davies said, 'What about the Master?' As soon as they said that, I was like,'You're kidding? Oh yeah!' I got really excited about it, but I just had to sit on the news. I wanted to tell people, 'I'M GOING TO BE THE MASTER!!!' But it was a secret. Hmft."
Russell T Davies is also on hand to tell the story of how he resurrected the Master ("Did you hear me say that I didn't like the Master, and didn't want him back? Well, I was lying!") and DWM visits a haunted house to find out how Blink was brought to our screens.
Meanwhile, there's a look at the darker side of the Doctor's nature, the mag goes all Smash Hits as they speak to top pop group McFly (honestly!) and look back at Doctor Who's many celebrity cameos.
Comic strip The Woman Who Sold the World concludes, and Steven Moffat pens Production Notes.

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