Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Paul McGann Speaks

Eight Doctor Paul McGann has given an interview to BBC News Online.
In it he was asked:

You played the eighth Doctor Who in 1996. What do you think of the recent BBC series of the show and the current doctor who is played by David Tennant?
I watched one episode and I liked it. I liked him actually, very much because he's so into it. He's such a fan as well as being a brilliant actor, so I think it's in safe hands. I'm just glad to see it back. The fans are thrilled to bits.
Is Doctor Who something you would have wanted to continue with?
At the time I would have liked to have continued it when we did the telly pilot, but you know when enough's enough, when it's over, it's over.
You broke rather a long standing tradition when Doctor Who kissed his companion. Were you surprised at the fans reaction?
I never saw the kiss and I wasn't really into the history of it. I wasn't really aware when I read the script that for him to kiss anybody was such a big thing, but I still get letters about it.
Why did you turn the part down originally?
I didn't want to do it as I didn't think I was suitable at all. I thought they were having me on.
At the time it was comic actors and comedians being touted for the job so I was just curious why they were asking me, I'm no comic actor. I managed to resist it for about a year and then took the job.
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whofan said...

He's my favorite Doctor! Wish there was more of him besides the audio stories