Monday, July 9, 2007

Flash Gordon Special Guest

FLASH GORDON began as a newspaper comic strip in the 1930s and has since spawned radio serials, TV shows and movies, including a campy film starring Sam Jones that is best known for its Queen soundtrack. Mark Stern, executive vice president of SCI FI Channel, told reporters that the producers of the upcoming series FLASH GORDON are working on incorporating a cameo appearance by Jones, who played the title hero in a 1980 feature-film version. "We are talking about getting Sam Jones in to do a stunt role, because it's just too delicious not to," Stern said in a press conference on the set in Vancouver, Canada. Stern added that Peter Hume, producer of SCI FI Channel's updated version of the story, was keen on getting Jones involved in the project, although he has pursued interests outside of Hollywood in the last few years. "Peter is having lunch with him in L.A. at some point," Stern said. "I guess Sam is working now as a security consultant. So Peter Hume is a little apprehensive about exactly what that meant. So I said, 'Just have lunch with him first. And that way, if it's not going to work out, it's just lunch.' So we'll see. I hope it works out, though, because it would be great to get him in the show." FLASH GORDON is currently filming its first season of 22 episodes and will premiere on SCI FI Channel in August.

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