Thursday, June 5, 2008

Only 5 Torchwood in 2009

Not only will there be a smaller dose of "Doctor Who" next season, but it seems that there will now be less of its spinoff "Torchwood" as well.
Executive Producer Julie Gardner confirmed to TV Guide that the series' third season will consist of just five episodes, corroborating earlier reports from Sci-Fi Pulse at the beginning of this year that talked about major cutbacks on the show.
The five episodes will not be shown over five weeks, however. Instead, Gardner said they would be showed in a single week, with a new episode every night.
if Scripts for the third season are now being written, and shooting is expected to begin in the middle of August. At the same time, "Torchwood" will not appear on BBC Three or BBC Two. In fact, it appears that the show is moving to BBC One, the home of its parent program, "Doctor Who."
John Barrowman, who plays the omni-sexual time agent in the series will return as Capt. Jack Harkness. But while Gardner said fans would be "pleased with the casting," it's still not clear who else is returning, or if rumors of Freema Agyeman and Noel Clarke joining the cast are true.
With the move to BBC One, there is a better chance that the show will be watered down from its more "adult" nature, one thing fans said they want to see continue on the show. If Agyeman and Clarke were to move over, however, there is a chance that BBC is expecting more crossover from the more family-friendly "Doctor Who" audience, thus will have to clean up some of the language and subject matter.
There is still no word on why BBC chose to make such drastic changes to the show that was a ratings winner for BBC Three in its first season, and continued to demand strong ratings after its move to BBC Two for its second season. It also is the top-rated scripted show on BBC America, although it's not clear if and when the third season would appear there.
TV Guide is reporting a possible bright side: There is a chance that more episodes will be commissioned for Season 3.

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