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Doctor Who Series 30/4 Episodes: #12 Stolen Earth

At the beginning of the episode, which directly follows the episode "Turn Left", the Earth is teleported out of its spatial location shortly after the Doctor and his companion Donna Noble arrive to investigate Rose Tyler's warning. The Doctor contacts the Shadow Proclamation, a universal police force, to find Earth. They determine that twenty-seven missing planets—including Earth, Adipose III, Pyrovillia,and the Lost Moon of Poosh—reorganise when placed near each other. Donna mentions the disappearance of bees on contemporary Earth; this allows the Doctor to trace the planets to the Medusa Cascade, an interuniversal rift.

On Earth, a Dalek force, led by their creator Davros and the red Supreme Dalek, quickly subjugate Earth. Military bases, including UNIT's headquarters in New York City and the aircraft carrier Valiant, are destroyed. Davros, who was thought to have perished at the beginning of the Time War, was saved by Dalek Caan, who randomly entered the conflict after performing an emergency temporal shift. The power needed to enter the Time War—which is "time-locked", preventing time-travellers entering the conflict—caused Caan to become precognitive and insane.

The Doctor's former companions Captain Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith, and Rose Tyler, who have all encountered the Daleks before, hide in various places: Jack takes refuge in Torchwood with his team Ianto Jones and Gwen Cooper; Martha uses Project Indigo—an experimental teleport device scavenged from the Sontarans—to escape UNIT with the "Osterhagen Key", a device designed to be used as a last resort; Sarah stays in her home with her son Luke Smith and supercomputer Mr Smith; and Rose tracks down Donna's mother Sylvia Noble (Jacqueline King) and grandfather Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins). They are contacted by former Prime Minister Harriet Jones (Penelope Wilton) through a secret "sub-wave network" designed by Mr Copper—a humanoid alien who met the Doctor in "Voyage of the Damned"—[11]to contact the Doctor's companions in a dire situation. They attempt to contact the Doctor by amplifying the sub-wave signal using Mr Smith and the spatiotemporal rift in Cardiff. The Doctor and the Daleks receive the transmission and trace the signal. Harriet Jones is exterminated, and the Doctor is able to locate Earth in a temporally desynchronised pocket universe.

At the end of the episode, the Doctor travels into the pocket universe and receives the sub-wave signal. After Davros hijacks the signal, the Doctor breaks communication and attempts to convene with his companions. The TARDIS lands on a street where Rose is waiting for the Doctor. He runs to embrace her, but is hit by a Dalek extermination ray. Rose, Jack, and Donna help the Doctor into the TARDIS, where the Doctor begins to regenerate.
Doctor David Tennant (Tenth Doctor)
Companions Catherine Tate (Donna Noble)
Billie Piper (Rose Tyler)
Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)
John Barrowman (Jack Harkness)
Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith)
Guest stars
Penelope Wilton – Harriet Jones
Gareth David-Lloyd – Ianto Jones
Eve Myles – Gwen Cooper
Tommy Knight – Luke Smith
Bernard Cribbins – Wilfred Mott
Jacqueline King – Sylvia Noble
Adjoa Andoh – Francine Jones
Julian Bleach – Davros
Michael Brandon – General Sanchez
Andrea Harris – Suzanne
Lachele Carl – Trinity Wells
Richard Dawkins – Himself
Paul O'Grady – Himself
Marcus Cunningham – Drunk Man
Jason Mohammad – BBC newsreader
Paul Kasey – Judoon
Kelly Hunter – Shadow Architect
Amy Beth Hayes – Albino Servant
Gary Milner – Scared Man
Nicholas Briggs – Dalek voices
Alexander Armstrong – Mr Smith[1]

Writer Russell T. Davies
Director Graeme Harper
Script editor Lindsey Alford
Producer Phil Collinson
Executive producer(s) Russell T. Davies
Julie Gardner
Production code 4.12
Series Series 4
Length 1st of 2-part story, 45 minutes
Originally broadcast 28 June 2008

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