Monday, July 7, 2008

North America DVD Update

The TV Shows on DVD website has provided a preview of the latest announced DVDs for the North American market, both due in October: The Trial of a Time Lord Boxed Set, starring Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and Bonnie Langford, and The Brain of Morbius starring Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen. The box cover for the North America (US/Canada) release of trial is above. The "Trial of a Time Lord" set (four discs) includes commentaries by C. Baker, Bryant, Tony Selby (Glitz), script editor Eric Saward, writers Pip & Jane Baker, director Chris Clough and others, as well as "Making Of" featurettes, deleted and extended scenes, interview features, trailers, news coverage and documentaries (and even the famous "Doctor in Distress" music video!)
The "Morbius" disc includes commentaries by T. Baker, Sladen, Philip Madoc (Solon), director Christopher Barry and producer Philip Hinchcliffe, a short documentary, trailers and photos.
Meanwhile, here is the complete schedule for announced DVD releases in North America for the rest of the year (subject to change):
The Time Meddler (William Hartnell), August 5
Black Orchid (Peter Davison), August 5
The Five Doctors: 25th Anniversary Edition, August 5
The Invisible Enemy (Tom Baker), which also includes K9 and Company, September 2
The Invasion of Time (Tom Baker), September 2
The Brain of Morbius (Tom Baker), October 7
The Trial of a Time Lord Boxed Set (Colin Baker), October 7

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