Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Robin Hood Series 3

From the BBC: BBC Publicity have confirmed that Jonas Armstrong aka Robin Hood will be leaving the show next year. How the legacy unfolds after Jonas leaves is in itself mysterious and intriguing, and guaranteed to make fans desperate to find out what happens next.
Series 3 returns in 2009 and Robin is older and tougher, hell bent on revenge following the tragic murder of Marian by Gisborne and the Sheriff's failure to kill Prince John. The Sheriff is more precarious and unpredictable than ever. There's also the much anticipated arrival of Friar Tuck who joins the gang.
Jonas Armstrong says, "Playing Robin Hood has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Over the last three years I've met some wonderful people and have only amazing memories to take with me. I'm grateful to the fans for their support and to all the cast and crew for their friendship and loyalty throughout, but the time has come to take on new challenges and look at new opportunities."
Executive Producer, Foz Allan says, "We cannot confirm the series climax nor can we guarantee who will survive and who won't. You will have to watch it to see! But we can assure you Robin's exit will be unmissable."
Robin Hood Series 3 is currently filming in Budapest and will return to BBC One in 2009 for another 13 episodes.

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Krista said...

We have loved these episodes. Please continue them. We have purchased seasons 1 and 2 for ourselves and our friends as they love them too. We are sick to think of Robin Hood without Jonas, but we will continue to watch the series as long as it's aired. Thank you.