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Series 1: Marco Polo

The TARDIS crew lands in the Himalayas of Cathay in 1289, their ship badly damaged, and are picked up by Marco Polo's caravan on its way along the fabled Silk Road to see the Emperor Kublai Khan. The story concerns the Doctor and his companions' attempts to thwart the machinations of Tegana, who attempts to sabotage the caravan along its travels through the Pamir Plateau and across the treacherous Gobi Desert, and ultimately to assassinate Kublai Khan in Peking, at the height of his imperial power. The Doctor and his companions also attempt to regain the TARDIS, which Marco Polo has taken to give to Kublai Khan in effort to regain the Emperor's good graces. They are finally able to thwart Tegana, and, in doing so, regain the Emperor's respect for Marco Polo, who allows them to depart.

Doctor William Hartnell (First Doctor)
Companions Carole Ann Ford (Susan Foreman)
Jacqueline Hill (Barbara Wright)
William Russell (Ian Chesterton)
Guest stars
Mark Eden — Marco Polo
Derren Nesbitt — Tegana
Zienia Merton — Ping Cho
Martin Miller — Kublai Khan
Jimmy Gardner — Chenchu
Charles Wade — Malik
Philip Voss — Acomat
Paul Carson — Ling-Tau
Gábor Baraker — Wang-Lo
Tutte Lemkow — Kuiju
Claire Davenport — Empress
O. Ikeda — Yeng
Leslie Bates — Man at Lop
Michael Guest — Mongol Bandit
Peter Lawrence — Vizier
Basil Tang — Office Foreman

Writer John Lucarotti
Director Waris Hussein (episodes 1-3,5-7)
John Crockett (episode 4)
Script editor David Whitaker
Producer Verity Lambert
Mervyn Pinfield (associate producer)
Executive producer(s) None
Production code D
Series Season 1
Length 7 episodes, 25 minutes each
Episode(s) missing All 7 episodes
Originally broadcast February 22–April 4, 1964

source: wikipedia

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