Friday, April 17, 2009

10 Things I Would Like To See in The Next Series Of Doctor Who

I’ve been a Doctor Who fan most of my life. Ever since 1981. I love the old series and find the new shows entertaining. But here is a list of things I would like to see happen in the new series that would make me love it almost as much as the older show.
So this list is for Stephen Moffett. Though he may never see it to read it, I just want to pass on my thoughts.

1. Bring back the Brigadier. You can’t have U.N.I.T without him and I would love to see him opposite Matt Smith for the 11th Doctor’s first story

2. Bring back the original Cybermen, not those stomping brains in tin cans they forced on us.

3. Get rid of the sonic screwdriver. It seems it can now do anything, perhaps even make French toast. The Doctor would be better off without it. He relies on it too much.

4. Lets see more of the TARDIS interior. It is bigger on the inside than on the out you know. Lets see it.

5. NO MORE of the Doctor falling in love and please stop the kissing. Enough already!

6. The Doctor is an alien; lets see more of the alien qualities from him. See reason #5.

7. Lets see more two-part stories. With two parts you get 90 minutes and it would be like the old format of the original series. And besides longer stories work better.

8. Add a male companion for the Doctor, a boy friend and girl friend would be nice, or an older person to offset the young kid traveling with the Doctor

9. Less Earth stories, and more alien worlds. The new series has been doing better with it, but how about a series without going to earth, or at the very least see earth in one or two stories.

10. Bring back Gallifrey. If you must keep the time-lords dead, how about the Doctor finding his home world still intact, but void of life. It could add to the mystery of “Where are the Time-Lords?” and The Doctor second-guessing himself about the end of the Time War. It would also help me and a few other old fans from asking: “How can the TARDIS travel in time without the eye of harmony?” Gallifrey tapped into the blackhole brought there by Rassilon that gave TARDIS’s virtually inexhaustible source of power and the ability to time travel. No Gallifrey, no time travel. Period the end. So how about bringing it back?

There you have it. My list of 10 things the new series can do to make us older fans embrace the show. I love Doctor Who, I will keep watching it and supporting it and hoping it will change just slightly to appease my appetite for a tighter fit between the old and new series.

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