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Guest Stars of Doctor Who: Michelle Ryan

With the arrival of “Planet of the Dead” this Saturday I thought it would be a nice idea to focus on Michelle Ryan the guest star in the aforementioned special and use it as a lead in to a new section on the Gallifreyian Gazette, called (though not so original) Guest Stars of Doctor Who:

Michelle Ryan was born in Enfield, Greater London, on April 22 1984, and was a student at Chace Community School. A member of a local theatre group since she was 10, she was picked for her role in EastEnders when she was 15 and first appeared on the show in September 2000; for the part, she affected an East End cockney accent, rather than speaking her usual Received Pronunciation. In 2005, she announced she was leaving EastEnders to concentrate on work in theatre and films. She has mused.
Ryan got her first big break playing Sheylla Grands in the Series TV Show "Chosen Ones" in the 1st season and Zoe Slater in the BBC soap EastEnders her involvement with the show served as a dress rehearsal for working on Bionic Woman
During summer 2005, Ryan appeared in a run of Who's the Daddy? at the King's Head Theatre. The play by Toby Young and Lloyd Evans is based on the David Blunkett paternity case.
Ryan had a small role in an episode of Marple which screened in February 2006, and also appeared in a small independent film the same year, Cashback
In early 2007, Ryan was seen as Maria in a new adaptation of Mansfield Park opposite Billie Piper for ITV and also as Lila in the film I Want Candy, co-starring Carmen Electra and Mackenzie Crook. In February 2007, it was announced that she had been cast as the lead in the new drama Bionic Woman.[4] The series began airing in the United States on the broadcast network NBC in September 2007. Ryan affects an American accent for the role of Jaime Sommers, except in the episode "The Education of Jaime Sommers" in which her character goes under cover as an English transfer student at a university; for this episode, she uses an Oxfordshire accent instead of her natural London accent. She has had professional dance training and attributes to it helping her with the physically demanding stunts required for the show.
On Red Nose Day 2007, Ryan appeared in a brand new Mr. Bean sketch written and recorded for Comic Relief. She will shortly be seen in Flick, a new Welsh independent film co-starring Faye Dunaway and Leslie Phillips.

1. "Doctor Who" .... Lady Christina de Souza (1 episode, 2009)
- Planet of the Dead (2009) TV episode .... Lady Christina de Souza
2. "Merlin" .... Nimueh (4 episodes, 2008)
- Le Morte d'Arthur (2008) TV episode .... Nimueh
- Excalibur (2008) TV episode .... Nimueh
- The Poisoned Chalice (2008) TV episode .... Nimueh
- The Mark of Nimueh (2008) TV episode .... Nimueh
3. Flick (2008) .... Sandra Martin
4. "Mr. Eleven" (2008) TV mini-series .... Saz Paley
5. "Bionic Woman" .... Jaime Sommers (14 episodes, 2007)
... aka "The Bionic Woman" (USA: complete title)
- Do Not Disturb (2007) TV episode .... Jaime Sommers
- Trust Issues (2007) TV episode .... Jaime Sommers
- The List (2007) TV episode .... Jaime Sommers
- The Education of Jaime Sommers (2007) TV episode .... Jaime Sommers
- Faceoff (2007) TV episode .... Jaime Sommers
(9 more)
6. "Jekyll" .... Katherine Reimer (6 episodes, 2007)
- Episode #1.6 (2007) TV episode .... Katherine Reimer
- Episode #1.5 (2007) TV episode .... Katherine Reimer
- Episode #1.4 (2007) TV episode .... Katherine Reimer
- Episode #1.3 (2007) TV episode .... Katherine Reimer
- Episode #1.2 (2007) TV episode .... Katherine Reimer
(1 more)
7. Mansfield Park (2007) (TV) .... Maria Bertram
8. Comic Relief 2007: The Big One (2007) (TV) .... Kate
9. I Want Candy (2007) .... Lila
10. Cashback (2006) .... Suzy
... aka Cashback (USA)
11. Marple: By the Pricking of My Thumbs (2006) (TV) .... Rose Waters
... aka Agatha Christie - Marple: By the Pricking of My Thumbs (Australia: DVD title)
12. "EastEnders" .... Zoe (478 episodes, 2000-2005)
- Episode dated 24 June 2005 (2005) TV episode .... Zoe
- Episode dated 23 June 2005 (2005) TV episode .... Zoe
- Episode dated 21 June 2005 (2005) TV episode .... Zoe
- Episode dated 20 June 2005 (2005) TV episode .... Zoe
- Episode dated 17 June 2005 (2005) TV episode .... Zoe
(473 more)
13. EastEnders: Slaters in Detention (2003) (V) .... Zoe Slater
14. Comic Relief 2003: The Big Hair Do (2003) (TV) .... Zoe Slater
15. "Burnside" .... School Friend (2 episodes, 2000)
- Exposed: Part 2 (2000) TV episode .... School Friend
- Exposed: Part 1 (2000) TV episode .... School Friend
16. "The Worst Witch" .... Dolores (1 episode, 2000)
... aka "Amandine Malabul" (Canada: French title)
- Fair Is Foul & Fouls Are Fair (2000) TV episode .... Dolores

Source: Wikipedia and IMDB

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