Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Neutron Flow Podcast

I’m glad to announce today a partnership with a companion site if you will, that reports, news, reviews, insightful discussion and its very own podcast. The Neutron Flow Podcast, co-hosted by yours truly is a bi-weekly (at present) series of all things sci-fi. I’m excited about this new world I have stepped into and am looking forward to a fun time working with my two friends and co-hosts Charles Davenport and Rob Pollok. As for this blog, well I will keep it up and running. I love Doctor Who and this is my way of celebrating the series. From time to time The Neutron Flow Podcast will have its own Doctor Who related episodes, but NF Podcast is more than Doctor Who, as I said before its all things sci-fi. You can listen to NF Podcast at the website or look for us on itunes by typing in the neutron flow. I hope you all will subscribe.

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