Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Tom Baker Audio Stories

From Den of Geek: Yes, apparently Tom Baker is putting his scarf back on and will be playing the Doctor in a new BBC Radio monthly series with the umbrella title of “Hornet’s Nest” on from September 3rd.

Alongside Tom will be Richard Franklin as Captain Mike Yates.

Another addition to the cast will be his housekeeper, “Mrs. Wibbsey” voiced by Susan Jameson.
A housekeeper? Oh yes, apparently the Doctor will be shacked up in a Sussex cottage in a gap in his time stream between Leela and Romana.

The latest information on these new additions to the Fourth Doctor canon is that there will be five of them;
1. The Stuff of Nightmares (September 3rd 2009)The Doctor recruits Mike Yates to help him defeat an enemy of enormous power.
2. The Dead Shoes (October 8th 2009)The Doctor travels to Cromer’s Palace of Curios in 1932 and discovers the horrific truth behind…a pair of ballet shoes!
3. The Circus of Doom (November 5th 2009)One hundred years earlier, the Doctor encounters a sinister circus that exerts a strange influence over the population of the town of Blandford.
4. A Sting in the Tale (December 3rd 2009)A sinister Mother Superior is running awry in the Wintertime. It’s up to the Doctor to find out quite what’s going on.
5. Hive of Horror (December 3rd 2009)The Doctor and Mike Yates and an unwilling accomplice must do battle with their fearsome enemy.

Read it all at Den of Geek

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