Saturday, July 25, 2009

War Games/Black Guardian Trilogy DVD is reporting that The War games Staring Patrick Troughton and the Black Guardian Trilogy staring Peter Davison will arrive on DVD November 3rd 2009.

Doctor Who - Story #050: The War Games
The TARDIS arrives on a planet where a race known only as the Aliens have gathered soldiers from a number of different wars in history, brainwashed them and put them to battle. Their aim is to form an invincible army from the survivors and use this to take over the galaxy.
$49.98 SRP;
Bonus Material includes Cast/Crew Commentary, "Warzone" Featurette, "Shades of Grey" Featurette, "Now and Then" Featurette, "The Doctor's Composer" Featurette, "Sylvia James - In Conversation" Interview, "Talking About Regeneration" Featurette", "Time Zones" Featurette, "Stripped For Action: The Second Doctor" Comic Strip Adventures, "On Target: Malcolm Hulke" Featurette, "Devious" fan-produced film with Jon Pertwee (with commentary track), Photo Gallery, Subtitle Production Notes, DVD-ROM PDF Material, Coming Soon Trailer and Easter Eggs.

Doctor Who - Story #126, 127, 128: The Black Guardian Trilogy
MAWDRYN UNDEAD The Black Guardian recruits a young man named Turlough to assassinate the Doctor. Although outwardly an ordinary pupil at a boys' private boarding school, Turlough is in fact an alien who believesthat the Guardian will return him home if he succeeds. TERMINUS The TARDIS attaches itself to a space liner after Turlough, still under the Black Guardian's influence, damages its controls. The liner docks with what appears to be a hulk floating in space. This is Terminus, which claims to offer a cure for lazar disease. ENLIGHTENMENT The White Guardian warns of impending danger and directthe TARDIS to what appears to be an Edwardian sailing yacht, the SS Shadow, but is actually one of a number of spaceships taking part in a race through the solar system, the prize being Enlightenment.
$59.98 SRP;

Bonus Material includes Cast/Crew Commentaries on all three stories (including Peter Davison), "Who Wants to Live Forever?" Featurette, "Liberty Hall" drama, Deleted and Extended Scenes, Film Trims (clap-boards, set-ups, etc.), Outtakes/Bloopers, Continuity Announcements/Trailers, Photo Gallery, Isolated Score for all three stories, "Breaking Point" Featurette, "Origins of the Universe" Featurette, Original Storyboards for "Terminus" and "Enlightenment", Unused Model Shots, Option for New CGI Effects for "Terminus", "Winner Takes All" Featurette, "Casting Off!" Featurette, "Single Write Female" Interview, "The Story of the Guardians" Featurette, optional 75 min movie-format edit of "Enlightenment" in widescreen video and 5.1 audio (and with optional introduction by the director), "Re-Enlightenment" Featurette, Original Edit Comparison, "Finding Mark Strickson" Featurette, "Finding Sarah Sutton" Featurette, Clips from the Russell Harty 1982 Christmas Party (with Peter Davison and then-wife Sandra Dickinson singing and dancing), Radio Times Listing DVD-ROM PDFs, Coming Soon Trailer, Program Subtitles and Subtitle Production Notes.

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