Monday, September 14, 2009

Sarah Jane Website.

In preparation for the return of The Sarah Jane Adventures on CBBC, the SJA website has had a complete make-over and now has more to explore than ever.
The BBC has created a brand new Sarah Jane Trailer Maker, featuring clips, sounds and graphics from the show, (for UK users only) so you can create the ultimate Sarah Jane Adventures video.
Take your pick from footage of your favourite characters, or your scariest monsters, including the Slitheen and Sontarans. And you can still access all your favourite videos and games from Series 1 & 2.
All this and Series 3 hasn't even started yet! Get ready for even more new content and features launching during this exciting series - including a long overdue visit to Bannerman Road from a very special friend (you know who!).
And if that isn't enough, the Monster Hunt is coming...

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