Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Faces

Are these the new faces of the Silurians? We know from Doctor Who history that the Silurians were the original Custodians of Earth and during a period of great upheavel the race placed themself in suspended animation. Over sleeping and awaking to meet the 3rd Doctor during his exile on Earth in the 1980's. We also learn that the Silurians have an off shoot race that were dubbed Sea Devils, living in the deep reaches of the ocean. See Silurians

So then, can these new faces (If indeed they are the Silurians in the upcoming series) be an off-shoot of the creatures that the Doctor already discovered? Or has the new series simply changed the Silurians for the sake of change? As a fan from the series I meet the look with a bit of excitement and disapointment. I can truely say I was looking forward to the Silurians of old. But with an open mind I am excited that perhaps, (with the Silurians) change might not be so bad.

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