Friday, March 12, 2010

Doctor Who Best Screen Doctor

A study of 1,000 adults by online market research site Ranked Doctor Who as #1 screen Doctor which also saw heart-throb George Clooney as #9 for his role as Dr Ross in hit U.S show E.R.

A OnePoll spokesman said: ''Doctor Who is a national treasure who has been on our screens for almost half a century now.

''David Tennant reinvigorated this fictional character and the show has seen huge success since.''

Dr Evil of the Mike Myers' Austin Powers movie was fourth, followed by half-human, half- Vulcan Star Trek legend Dr Spock.

Completing the top ten was Dr Cox of American television comedy-drama Scrubs. Sherlock Holmes's assistant Dr Watson was tenth.

Top 10 Doctors:

1. Dr Who

2. Dr Brown (Back to the Future)

3. Dr Kennedy (Neighbours)

4. Dr Evil (Austin Powers)

5. Dr Spock (Star Trek) That makes no sense?

6. Dr Geller (Friends)

7. Dr Dolittle

8. Dr Cox (Scrubs)

9. Dr Ross (ER)

10. Dr Watson

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Glucky said...

& what about Dr House?(House M.D)