Monday, March 22, 2010

Matt Smith Interview

From Walesonline: At 27 Matt Smith both the youngest ever to play Doctor Who and the person tasked with the unenviable job of inheriting the keys of the Tardis from David Tennant – recently voted “most popular Time Lord ever”.

“I feel a little bit like the President Elect at the moment,” laughed Smith at Cardiff’s world premiere of The Eleventh Hour last week, the first episode of the national sci-fi treasure to feature the Northampton lad’s take on the 900-year-old space traveller with two hearts.

“I know I’ve got pretty big shoes to fill, but hopefully I can reassure everyone.”

After reportedly snatching the coveted role from under the far more famous noses of Robert Carlyle and James Nesbitt, he’s certainly come in for his (un)fair share of stinging criticism from the online fan community over the shock casting.

But if there were any nagging doubts present before the exclusive screening of the breathless hour-long adventure – penned by Scots-born Steven Moffat, Russell T Davies’ successor – they’d surely been vanquished by the end.

Also gone were any suspicions that Smith’s arrival will mark a more child-friendly approach to the franchise.

In a sly nod to this, one scene shows the Doctor, having just diffused one potentially world-threatening dilemma, punching the air and shouting: “Who da man?”, before noticing the decidedly non-plussed faces of his earthly companions.

“Right, I shan’t be saying that again,” he adds.

The rest of the episode, sees him and his new companion Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, battle a new gruesome shape- shifting monster dubbed Prisoner Zero, with the still regenerating Smith having just 20 minutes to save the human race.

The Eleventh Hour will be screened on BBC One on Saturday, April 3

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