Friday, March 26, 2010

Was Doctor Who behind UK space agency logo?

The logo on the right was used in Doctor Who.

From The £10,000 logo was unveiled by Lord Drayson, the science minister, and Lord Mandelson, the Business Secretary, to herald the opening of the department which is Britain’s answer to NASA.

However, the pattern of a red arrow pointing towards the corner of a Union Flag is similar to one used for the television show's Space Rocket Group, which featured in a Christmas special three years ago.

Alan Pettigrew, 41, a Doctor Who fan, told The Sun newspaper yesterday: “To say there's a similarity between the two logos is an understatement.”

Folio Creative, the space agency’s logo designers, insisted: “There is barely a passing resemblance.

“It is inevitable if you combine the Union Flag with a space theme. We are delighted the logo has been well received.”

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cdavenport4 said...

Well... Does this go to show that there are no original idea's there? Or did he like the Doctor Who logo so much that he wanted to mimic it? As a designer I would have done something completely different, but I'm just that way.