Friday, April 16, 2010

FOX News Doctor Who Post

From Fox News (Notice how I don't give the link, Fox News hsssssssssss)“Dr. Who is a 907-year-old who travels through space and time,” Smith said. “What’s sort of brilliant about it is, from one week to the next, he can be in the past or the future. And he does all this with a companion.”

His companion is the lovely Amy Pond, played by Scottish actress Gillan. When the pair first meet, Amy is just seven years old. Gillan says this plotline led to a role for her young cousin.

‪“They needed an actress to play a younger version of me," said Gillan. "And because I have a weird sort of Highland accent and ginger hair, it’s not sort of easy to find. So they asked me if I knew anyone, any relatives, and I put her forward and she nailed it.”

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