Friday, April 9, 2010

Passing of Doctor Who Actors

Hubert Rees had three roles in the series working with two different Doctors.

He first appeared in the 1968 story, Fury from the Deep, working with Patrick Troughton. He played the Chief Engineer, the head of engineering at a Euro Sea Gas refinery who assisted the Doctor in his efforts to defeat the Weed Creature. He returned to the series the following year in Troughton's final story, The War Games, in which he played Captain Ransom, an officer in the British Army. His final appearance was in the 1976 Tom Baker story, The Seeds of Doom, playing John Stevenson a botanist at a scientific expedition in Antarctic.

Max Faulkner, was a stunt man and actor who has small roles in six Doctor Who stories. He played a UNIT soldier in the 1970 Jon Pertwee story, The Ambassadors of Death and a miner in the 1974 story The Monster of Peladon. In Jon Pertwee's last story, Planet of the Spiders, he played the Guard Captain.

Faulkner appeared alongside Tom Baker in three stories. In the 1975 story Genesis of the Daleks he played a Thal Guard before returning later in the year in The Android Invasion as Corporal Adams, a UNIT officer stationed at Devesham. His last appearance in 1978 was in The Invasion of Time where he played Nesbin, the leader of a group of Outsiders on Gallifrey.

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