Friday, April 2, 2010

Steven Moffat Interviewed by MTV

MTV Interviewed Steven Moffat and he talked a little about the first episode of the new season:

MTV NEWS: Right off the bat, let's talk about the season premiere, since most "Doctor Who" fans will find a way to see it this weekend no matter where they live. Where does the episode (titled "The Eleventh Hour") find The Doctor and his new body?

STEVEN MOFFAT: Assuming you've seen "The End Of Time," it starts a heartbeat later. We don't miss anything. It's what happened after [Smith] shouted, "Geronimo!" so we're straight into the TARDIS crashing. And unlike just about all the previous regeneration stories, The Doctor gets absolutely no time to rest up. We see almost in real-time the first hour of his new life.

He finds himself pitched straight into an appalling crisis that just gets worse and worse and worse. And he's not done yet — he's not quite ready. He's not even sure who he is yet, but immediately he's put into a terribly dangerous situation that escalates and escalates to the point in which he has 20 minutes to save the planet and no equipment to do it.

For the whole interview follow the link above.

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