Sunday, May 2, 2010

Arthur Darvill Tight Lipped.

From walesonline: Refusing to be drawn on any plot points, including the recent pictures of a pregnant Pond, Arthur Darvill, Because the man who plays new Doctor Who sidekick Amy Pond’s hapless partner Rory – can be seen for the first time since episode 1, in next Saturday’s episode The Vampires of Venice – described his audition for the role as “secretive”.

“The scripts I read bore very little relation to the ones that were finally produced, they changed all the significant details so I couldn’t spill the beans if I didn’t get it,” he said.

Eagle-eyed viewers might recognise Darvill from the 2009 BBC version of Little Dorrit.

“Yes, I was doing all this period drama stuff last time I was on TV. I suppose you can’t get much further away from that than Doctor Who,” he said.

While this might be 28-year-old Darvill’s first close encounter with sci-fi, it isn’t the first time that he and the new Doctor, Matt Smith, have worked together.

“Matt and I were in a play called Swimming With Sharks with Helen Baxendale and we really enjoyed working together and said that we should definitely do it again if we ever got the chance,” he said.

“Little did we know that it was going to be on this!”

Despite Doctor Who being one of the BBC’s flagship productions and the biggest TV success of the last few years, Darvill, who is originally from Birmingham, says he didn’t feel any extra pressure being on set.

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