Sunday, June 13, 2010

Doctor Who Series 31: The Lodger

The TARDIS lands in Colchester rather than the intended destination of the Fifth Moon of Sinda Callista, and the Doctor steps out on to the grass. The TARDIS immediately takes off, unplanned, separating him and Amy. Meanwhile, passers-by are seen being lured into a nearby house by a voice seeking help, from the intercom at its front door. The door opens and they ascend the staircase to the first floor, entering the room which lies there; flashing lights are seen and screams heard emanating from the room.

The Doctor concludes that whatever happened to the TARDIS is connected to that room. Luckily, the owner of the downstairs flat, Craig Owens, is looking for someone to rent his spare room. The Doctor shows up and pays him with a bag containing £3000 (since he didn't know whether it would be too much). Though Craig finds him odd, he manages to convince him with his cooking. The Doctor eventually meets Sophie, a friend of Craig whom the latter cannot admit he's in love with.

* Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor)


* Karen Gillan (Amy Pond)

Guest stars

* James Corden – Craig Owens
* Daisy Haggard – Sophie
* Owen Donovan – Steven
* Babatunde Aleshe – Sean
* Jem Wall – Michael
* Karen Seacombe – Sandra
* Kamara Bacchus – Clubber

Writer Gareth Roberts
Director Catherine Morshead
Script editor Lindsey Alford
Producer Tracie Simpson
Executive producer(s)

* Steven Moffat
* Piers Wenger
* Beth Willis

Production code 1.11
Series Series 5
Length 45 minutes
Originally broadcast 12 June 2010 (2010-06-12)

Source: wikipedia

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