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Doctor Who Series 31: The Pandorica Opens

The Doctor and Amy Pond, following a message from River Song engraved on the oldest planet in the universe, arrive in Roman Britain on Earth in 102 AD, where they find River posing as Cleopatra. River shows the Doctor a Vincent van Gogh painting titled The Pandorica Opens, depicting the TARDIS exploding. River had recovered the painting in the 52nd century, and traveled to the time-space coordinates on the painting using a Vortex Manipulator. The Doctor realises the "Pandorica", a fabled prison for the universe's deadliest being, must be stored in a memorable location near the coordinates, such as the site of Stonehenge.

At Stonehenge, the Doctor, Amy, and River find a passage to an underground area, which the Doctor terms "the Underhenge". Inside, they find the Pandorica, a room-sized metal box outfitted with every type of lock imaginable. The Doctor and River become concerned when they discover that the Pandorica is opening from inside and transmitting a message across time and space using the rocks of Stonehenge. River warns the Doctor that the signal is drawing "everything that ever hated [the Doctor]" to Earth that night, and urges him to escape. The Doctor refuses, but instead finds help to defend the area from a volunteer group of Roman legion centurions. When a Cyberman suit temporarily stuns the Doctor while looking for a new host, Amy is protected by one of the centurions, revealing himself to be Rory. The revived Doctor is baffled to find Rory alive, since he is supposed to have been erased from history by a crack in the universe ("Cold Blood"). Rory is even more confused and says he simply remembers dying one second and being a Roman soldier the next. Rory attempts to connect with Amy using the engagement ring that he had left aboard the TARDIS, but she is still unable to remember him.

As his enemies gather in orbit, the Doctor temporarily delays the aliens and instructs River to pilot the TARDIS to Stonehenge. River finds the TARDIS under the control of a mysterious force, warning that "silence will fall", before the TARDIS materialises at Amy's house in Leadworth on 26 June 2010, the day of her wedding and of the time energy explosion that caused the cracks in the universe ("Flesh and Stone"). River finds burn-marks in Amy's lawn and the front door off its hinges; upstairs in Amy's room, River finds books in Amy's bedroom representing Pandora's box and Roman soldiers along with a photograph of Rory posing with Amy while in a centurion costume. River communicates this information to the Doctor, who worries the imaginary constructs taken from Amy's mind were used by his enemies to entrap him. When River reveals the date that the TARDIS has arrived, the Doctor urges her to leave that time zone immediately, believing the TARDIS to be the source of the time explosion. River cannot regain control of the TARDIS as it dematerializes, and traps her inside it despite her attempts to rewire the door controls.

The Doctor and Amy discover that Rory and the centurions are Autons. The other centurions capture the Doctor and take him to the Pandorica, while Rory attempts to retain his human consciousness and prevent himself from killing Amy. Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, and other enemies arrive and reveal that they have formed an alliance and built the Pandorica as a prison for the Doctor, as they believe he is about to destroy the universe. The Doctor pleads that they have made a mistake and the TARDIS, not him, is about to destroy the universe but the aliens refuse to believe that anyone else can pilot the TARDIS. In the cliffhanger ending, the Doctor is sealed inside the Pandorica, River is unable to escape from the exploding TARDIS, and Rory can no longer maintain control and fires upon Amy shortly after she has come to remember him, seemingly killing her; meanwhile in space, several explosions occur around Earth before a fade to black and silence.
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* Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor)


* Karen Gillan (Amy Pond)
* Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams)


* Alex Kingston – River Song
* Tony Curran – Vincent
* Bill Paterson – Bracewell
* Ian McNeice – Winston Churchill
* Sophie Okonedo – Liz Ten
* Marcus O'Donovan – Claudio
* Clive Wood – Commander
* Christopher Ryan – Commander Stark
* Ruari Mears – Cyber Leader
* Paul Kasey – Judoon
* Howard Lee – Doctor Gachet
* Barnaby Edwards – Dalek
* Simon Fisher Becker – Dorium
* Joe Jacobs – Guard
* Chrissie Cotterill – Madame Vernet
* David Fynn – Marcellus

Writer Steven Moffat
Director Toby Haynes
Script editor Lindsey Alford
Producer Peter Bennett
Executive producer(s)

* Steven Moffat
* Piers Wenger
* Beth Willis

Production code 1.12
Series Series 5
Length 50 minutes
Originally broadcast 19 June 2010

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