Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas Special Detail & More

The guys over at www.kasterborous.com turned us on to this interview with Doctor Who Executive Producer Piers Wenger has revealed that the 2010 Christmas special, A Christmas Carol, is not set on Earth…

The wide-ranging interview which mainly covers the Doctor Who filming in Utah Wenger reveals that the Christmas special – which guest stars Sir Michael Gambon and Katherine Jenkins – isn’t quite what we might be expecting:

It kind of riffs on the Dickens story. There’s no one called Scrooge in it and it’s not set on Earth, but there are familiar archetypes from that story within it that will please fans of Dickens’s original.

Wenger also reveals that in 2011, Doctor Who will feel very US-centric

This year, it’s all about America, it’s all about taking the show out to the States and seeing what Doctor Who will feel like set in America and in some very iconographic parts of the American landscape.

The team left the UK on Saturday and is traveling out to Utah, to Mojave, where they’re filming some scenes. There are scenes set in New York and San Francisco.

It is Doctor Who’s love letter to the States.

The Christmas special should air on Christmas day, stay tuned for the time.

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