Monday, November 15, 2010

Series 32 Spoilers:

POSSIBLE SPOILER: From Doctor Who Spoilers: At the end of Series Five River Song was trapped in the TARDIS by an unseen force as a rasping voice declared that “Silence will fall”. This plot thread was left tantalisingly unresolved at the end of the series and Steven Moffat recently teased that in the forthcoming series “We’re going into the silence and what they are…”

Well it looks like that plot thread won’t be left dangling for long. Our sources suggest that 6’8” Dutch actor Marnix Van Den Broeke is appearing in the opening episodes of the 2011 series as the intriguingly named “The Silent”. While there’s nothing that definitively links Marnix’s role with last series’ unseen antagonist the name of the character surely can’t be coincidental.

According to this post Marnix was spotted on location at Troy House on Friday 29th October.

Marnix will probably be best known to television viewers for his portrayal of Death in the Sky Television adaptations of Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather and The Colour of Magic.

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