Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sea Devils DVD Extras

The British Board of Film Classification has passed a number of extras for the DVD release of The Sea Devils in the UK.

Included on it will be a 36min 35sec documentary entitled Hello Sailor! - Making The Sea Devils, plus a photo gallery and continuities.

The six-part story was classified on October 29. Outpost Gallifrey reported in September that the Jon Pertwee adventure would be part of a three-story box set also comprising Doctor Who and the Silurians and Warriors of the Deep.

It was revealed in May that The Sea Devils was being prepared for release on DVD, with the news that the Restoration Team were hoping to track down naval personnel who were involved with or who witnessed the filming - in particular, a rating believed to have shot some cine footage.

A release date for the box set has not yet been announced but the BBFC classified Warriors of the Deep on November 1 - the same day it did the extras for The Sea Devils.

Extras for Doctor Who and the Silurians were classified on October 31, and the story was classified on November 1 - with episode seven listed as "Episode 7/Doctor Who - Next Week", which implies a contemporaneous trailer for The Ambassadors of Death is included at the end.
An American Release date is forthcoming.

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