Saturday, November 3, 2007

Waiting For God

Peter Davison (At Home With The Braithwaites) and Pippa Haywood (Green Wing; The Brittas Empire) star in this new sitcom from Michael Aitkens (Waiting for God).

He describes the series: "When you reach a certain age, the phrase, 'What has my life come to?' starts preying on your mind. The baby boomers are supposed to be keeping up these wonderfully dynamic lifestyles they've been slaving away at for 20 years or more, yet they're haemorrhaging cash from both ends – only to get ousted by the next generation."

They're stuck in the middle - the sandwich generation. Martin is made redundant, Julie's civil service career stagnates, their two daughters won't leave home and Martin's senile mother is costing them a fortune in a nursing home.

They try drugs, therapy and new jobs, but Martin's unerring ability to screw up absolutely everything, combined with Julie's rampant neuroses, just add to the fear, the stress and the anger.

"But despite it all, the series has a nice, warm feeling running through it. You can see that they get on really well as a couple; they love their kids (sometimes); they love his mum; they just wish they weren't paying for them all the time!" says producer Sue Vertue (Coupling, The Vicar of Dibley).

The series was filmed on location and at Twickenham Film Studios.

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