Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Brits Vote

Pulled this from:, it lists some top votes from Brits on Doctor Who, though I don't agree with some of the results, there was one surprise in the list, it is a clear trend that what is new is hip.

Most popular Doctor Who
1st David Tennant 45.7%
2nd Tom Baker 19.7%
3rd Jon Pertwee 10.65%
4th Christopher Ecclestone 7.05%
5th Peter Davison 4.75%
6th Colin Baker 3.25%
7th Patrick Troughton 2.7%
8th Sylvester McCoy 2.65%
9th William Hartnell 2.6%
10th Paul McGann 0.95%

Who the British Public would like to have seen become the next male
Doctor Who
1st Ewan McGregor 21.1%
2nd Kris Marshall 9.6%
3rd Alan Davies 8.85%
4th Russell Brand 8.2%
5th Stephen Fry 7.9%
6th Matt Smith (the next Doctor) 7.7%
7th Marc Warren 5.35%
8th James Corden 4.45%
9th David Walliams 4.4%
10th Adrian Lester 4.3%

Who the British Public would like to see become the first female Doctor Who
1st Catherine Tate 15.95%
2nd Anna Friel 13.15%
3rd Jo Brand 10.35%
4th Michelle Ryan 9.95%
5th Emma Watson 8.40%
6th Sarah Parish 6.35%
7th Amanda Holden 5.3%
8th Ruth Jones 5.05%
9th Kym Marsh 4.6%
10th Sarah Harding 4.3%

Most popular Doctor Who assistant
1st Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) 36.55%
2nd Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) 11.65%
3rd Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) 9.75%
4th K-9 (the voice of John Leeson) 7.75%
5th Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) 6.15%
6th Astrid Peth (Kylie Minogue) 4.35%
7th Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) 4.05%
8th Lady Christina De Sousa (Michelle Ryan) 3.50%
9th Ace (Sophie Aldred) 2.9%
10th Mel Bush (Bonnie Langford) 2.75%

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